How to write a best man's wedding speech

How to write a groom’s speech

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The groom’s speech is more difficult to write than most other wedding speeches because it needs to show tenderness in an atmosphere where everyone is in a festive and often joking mood.

Some humor is expected, but there must be compassion and love that is believable for the bride and her entourage.

The groom should impress his new in-laws that he is a positive addition to the family, not just a big goof who loves their daughter. As you can well see, this wedding speech is very tricky and can go awry if it isn’t written well and carried off properly by the groom.

Because this is a warm-up to the best man’s wedding speech, it should set the stage and provide a lead-in for what he has to say.

There are obvious points that the groom should make in his oration of about five minutes or a little longer. Based on how fast the groom speaks, anywhere from 800 to 1000 words should be about the proper length for the written response. When writing a groom’s speech, be sure that the following material is covered.

1. If the father-in-law’s wedding speech precedes yours, the first order of business should be to thank him for allowing the betrothal of his daughter to you.

2. You should include the mother by thanking both parents for inviting you to become a part of their family. Be sure to point out that your bride gets many of her redeeming qualities from them. This is also the time to assure them that you will honor, love, and protect their daughter as they have entrusted her to you.

3. Make it perfectly clear how happy you are to receive such a wonderful life partner and that she will always be your equal in all marital dealings.

4. You should also direct some comments towards your own parents, reinforcing the good sense they have given you in both genes and influence so that you recognize what a great find your future wife is. Kind words to your mother and gentle ribbing of your father is in order.

5. Thank friends, family, guests, and everyone for their attendance and gifts. This should be a generalized thank you unless you can quote every gift and its giver.

6. Thank everyone who has provided in some way to the ceremony and be sure to tell the best man how much his support means to you.

7. Lastly, have a relevant toast to make to the bridesmaids and their continued health and happiness to conclude your wedding speech.

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